World Missions: India

ENTOURAGE  has been privileged to connect with a ministry to the country of India known as Alpha Ministries.  Alpha Ministries director Benny Matthews, himself a native Indian, heard ENTOURAGE  sing at the 2001  MEF Bible Conference in Colorado Springs.  Mr. Matthews invited the group  to come to India; however, the events of September 11, 2001 made flying  to that part of the world impossible at that time.

Meanwhile, ENTOURAGE  was told of the need for bicycles for the native Indian pastors, enabling these men of God to travel farther distances  to share Christ with their people.  ENTOURAGE  manager Dean Skaret made  the need known to the congregation of Village Seven Presbyterian Church in Colorado Springs.  In just one Sunday, with no prior notice, the congregation  gave over $19,000 to purchase bicycles for India! 

2004 was the year that ENTOURAGE  finally went to India to share Christ's love and encourageme of what the group experienced!  Approximately $4000 was raised to build a church in northern India, and ENTOURAGE  gratefully gives thanks to the Lord and to the wonderful donors whose chose to participate in this project.

To donate to this ministry, contact ENTOURAGE  manager Dean Skaret for information on how to donate.   Donations to the group are tax deductible, as ENTOURAGE  is a 501(c)(3)  organization through New Horizons, Inc.

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