Prison Ministry

 ENTOURAGE became involved in prison ministry shortly after formation of the group, and discovered that this ministry holds the dearest spot in their hearts.  In order to participate in prison ministry in the state of Colorado, the group had to go through the Colorado Department of Corrections Volunteer Training program.  Certification has to be maintained and updated annually in order to continue participation. 

ENTOURAGE  ministers at several of the Colorado state prison facilities, including one of the women's state facilities.  Each concert is approximately 90 minutes, and includes  the preaching of God's Word by various guest speakers brought by ENTOURAGE to each facility.  It has been exciting for the group to see some of the guest speakers go on to have their own passion for prison ministry!    

One of the more exciting endeavors in prison ministry has been a men's choir directed by ENTOURAGE director Linda Skaret and member Becky Brown-Helget at one of the higher security facilities in the state.  Approximately 20 men of various religious faiths rehearse weekly, learning to improve their music reading skills while also learning a great deal about music theory.  This choir had the privilege of performing for a volunteer banquet at the prison where some of the leaders of the state department of corrections were in attendance.

World Missions

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